Chairman’s Council

Luke HillierLuke Hillier currently serves as Chairman of the Board ADS, Inc., and is the Chairman Emeritus of the WPRC. Luke heads one of the national leading special operational equipment and logistics solutions providers with annual sales over one billion dollars. Luke oversees a workforce of more than 400 employees with both east and west coast operations. Prior to his involvement at ADS, Luke founded and served as CEO for the largest Oracle-based information system solutions provider, Mythics, Inc. Under Lukes leadership Mythics grew from a garage startup into a dominant Oracle solutions provider with annual sales over $300 million.

David BohannonDavid M. Bohannon, II, is the Secretary of the Warrior Protection and Readiness Coalition and is the President of London Bridge Trading Company (LBT), a family owned, small business industry leader in the design, engineering and manufacture of tactical nylon products. Headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, LBT products are made in the Continental United States with manufacturing facilities also in El Paso, TX and Rupert, WV. LBT was founded by the CEO, Dr. Doug McDougal, in 1985. David and his wife, Laura, have four children: Emily, David, Leah, and Molly.